Ever Deadly is an immersive, visceral music and cinema experience featuring Tanya Tagaq, avant-garde Inuk throat singer, and created in collaboration with award-winning filmmaker Chelsea McMullan. This documentary explores Tagaq’s transformation of sound with an eye to colonial fallout, natural freedom and Canadian history. We witness Tagaq’s intimate relationship with the Nuna —the Land—a living, breathing organism present in all forms of her improvised performances. Ever Deadly weaves concert footage with stunning sequences filmed on location in Nunavut, seamlessly bridging landscapes, stories and songs with pain, anger and triumph—all through the expressions of one of the most innovative musical performers of our time.

Directed by Tanya Tagaq and Chelsea McMullan – 2022 | 90 min


  • Director of photography: Alejandro Coronado
  • Production: NFB
  • Directed by Tanya Tagaq & Chelsea McMullan
  • Produced by Lea Marin & Anita Lee