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We tell great stories through great productions.

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This is what we do: we tell great stories. We work to make every single picture perfect; all design and advertising projects outstanding; and each second of video essential to the entire narrative.

However, before we talk more about these stories, we have to tell our own.

We are Camilo and Melissa, owners of Makka Productions. Together we have more than 10 years of experience working with visual content production. During this time, we have worked in Colombia, Brazil and Canada (Ontario and Quebec). Four exceptional places that taught us different lessons and added unique experiences to our background.

We create and produce videos; we are experts at photos; we develop social content that will help your brand awareness. But we do not do this all by ourselves: we have a team of professional specialists in different areas as well as partners all around the world working with us. DOP, sound specialists, editors, art directors, photographers, copywriters, designers, marketing managers and social media experts. Everything to deliver the stellar service you deserve. In addition, we also have the best equipment available to make every detail look professional.

This comes with a price of course. However, we like to call it a smart investment: you are renting our expertise, time and equipment. You are also taking away the burden of doing it yourself or hiring different professionals to do each part of the process.

Now that you know our story, let us tell yours through our eyes!

Give yourself the gift of well-make visual production and social content marketing.

X-men in Montreal

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X-Men movie will begin filming in the spring of 2017 in Montreal, Canada.

The movie will be in Montreal for the third time: after shooting the last two X-Men in the metropolis, the Hollywood 20th Century Fox studio come back again.