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Colombia-Mexico, 2020 / Children’s documentary  / 7’10” minutes/ Audience: All public (Children 7+) /

Production company: Pescadito Film


Ramón, an 8-year old Mexican kid, week after week, practices kickboxing with care and passion. After much training, Ramón is finally participating in his first national championship and he is very excited. His first kickboxing match begins. His main goal: to test everything he has learnt. His opponent (more experienced, taller than him), is willing to give his all in order to take home the precious blue belt-title. Ramón fights with fists and kicks, taking several blows.

At the end of the fight and for the first time in his life, Ramón will learn the meaning of winning and losing a match.

  • Writer and Director: Natalia Bernal
  • Producer: Natalia Bernal, Giselle Geney – Pescadito Films
  • In coproduction with: Alejandro Coronado and Andrés Montaña
  • Cast: José Ramón García
  • Cinematographer: Alejandro Coronado
  • Sound person: Alfredo González
  • Music: Andrés Montaña
  • Editor: Giselle Geney Celis