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Canada, 2022 / Drama – Black comedy / 4’50” minutes  / Adults


This is a story about Jacob, a suspicious writer who hides a profound and almost obsessive love within his eyes. His thoughts and emotions reflect almost perfectly through his book and unravel themselves to his readers. Jacob decides to start a Book Club without realizing that opening the doors of his house is also opening his hidden secrets. Will Olivia be able to see beyond his words during their weekly reading club?

Discover in this short film how being overly attached can endanger those we love the most.

  • Jacob: Andres Hurtado
  • Olivia: Alexandra Acosta
  • Jacob’s Mom: Leslee Vivian
  • Producers: Melissa Murillo & Camilo Chitiva
  • Writers: Melissa Murillo & Juliana Sussmann
  • Director: Melissa Murillo
  • Director of Photography: Camilo Chitiva
  • Drone Operator: Andres Hurtado
  • Art Director: Alexandra Acosta
  • Media Composer & Sound Mixer: Alex Mastache
  • Sound Designer: Oscar Bilbao
  • Editor: Melissa Murillo
  • VFX & Colorist: Camilo Chitiva
  • Production Assistant: Enrique Villar
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